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  • STEM Instructor - Department of P20 Initiatives Network (38812)
    P-20 Center
    Northern Illinois University


    Our STEM Educators deliver non-credit instruction within the NIU STEAM program in the Center for P-20 Engagement. Duties will include curriculum development, delivery of cross-curricular instruction, active and experiential assessment and programmatic evaluation, and other tasks that impact instructional improvement or innovation. Student participants will be from birth through adult and instructional settings will include both formal and informal educational settings, with delivery as virtual, in-person or hybrid as needed. Our mission focuses on inspiring a curiosity to know more about STEM/STEAM, supporting students as they amplify skills needed and/or transformation of systems.

    Position Summary

    This position will be primarily focused on instructional tasks – curriculum development, delivery of instruction, assessment and evaluation. Important skills include successfully contributing or leading teams, instructional delivery in front of various ages and abilities, building relationships with participants and contributing to the overall NIU STEAM vision of changing the lived experience of our participants. Specific skills will be needed in STEM content, problem-based learning, growth mindset, transdisciplinary instruction and career connections. 

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    Curriculum Development – 30%

      • Lead development of instructional programs for students and teachers of all ages including, but not limited to new units of activities for students and teachers in both domestic and international settings.

      • Research and develop curriculum and instructional activities, select books and other instructional materials, create videos of experts and authors as needed for the problem-based learning units.

      • Investigate, develop, and promote new and innovative programming opportunities.

      • Recruit and collaborate with NIU faculty, staff, and students to participate in NIU STEAM instructional programs.

      • Write lessons, podcasts and other curricular materials that are aligned to standards and focus on building STEAM skills.


    Instructional Delivery – 30%

    • Create proposals to deliver instruction in school classrooms, field, clinics, camps, across campus and online or other learning environments.

    • Deliver high-quality instruction as an individual or part of a team that performs within timelines and within budgets and meets evaluation expectations.

    • Deliver STEM instruction to families and community members in schools and communities on campus and off campus during school days, evenings, weekends, and summers.

    • Monitor regional and national literacy news, research and publications a to identify opportunities for new programs and partners.

    Assessment and Evaluation – 20%

    • Study and use best practices for STEM instruction.

    • Conduct a continuous improvement process, identifying metrics that establish accountability for STEAM/STEAM projects.

    • Collect metrics and complete analyses as needed to determine effectiveness.

    • Complete reports on outcomes and others needed or required.

    • Work with faculty and SPA staff to identify opportunities, assist in development of proposals, and provide support as needed to research teams.

    Other tasks that impact instructional improvement or innovation – 20%

    • Coordinate with the P20 Center’s personnel to ensure effective and efficient administration and operations.

    • Work with P-20 Center students in instructional development, delivery and evaluation.

    • Nurture established STEAM delivery networks and develop new ones.

    • Identify and cultivate internal and external sponsors of particular instructional programs.

    • Serve as a liaison between NIU STEAM and NIU’s many STEAM academic departments, cultivating positive relationships with internal individuals and organizations.

    • Work with messaging and media staff to promote STEAM programs to targeted audiences.

    • Represent the university, the division and the program to internal and external clients in a multitude of venues.

    • Cultivate positive relationships with external individuals and organizations, including developing and sustaining both new and existing STEAM and STEAM partnerships.

    • Collaborate across OERD’s networks, integrating NIU STEAM activities into other networks, maximizing involvement of faculty, and increasing involvement of external partners.

    Minimum Required Qualifications

    Education and Experience Required
    A. Minimum educational requirements.

    · Bachelors degree in a STEM field required.

    B. Minimum experience requirements. Specify both type and length of experience required.

    · Two years’ experience as an instructor in formal K-12 schools

    · Professional presentations to various audiences in a STEM/STEAM or educational field

    · Two years’ demonstration of ability to produce high quality STEM/STEAM programming, curriculum, instruction and/or assessment. 

    C. Licensing or Certification Required

    · K-12 Licensure, required

    D. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Critical to Performance of this Position

    · In-depth knowledge of at least one STEM discipline

    · Experience in designing and delivering problem-based learning.

    · Ability to create and deliver professional development according to national standards

    · Demonstrate the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards

    · Ability to work successfully as a team leader and as a team member

    · Demonstrated ability to operate independently with minimal supervision, initiate new projects, and network across STEAM networks, NIU, and the region

    · Strong written and oral communication skills

    · Commitment to accountability for the university’s outreach and engagement mission, presidential goals such as increasing partnerships, and division goals for mutually beneficial engagement with communities across the region




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